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Alert: New York Is Out of Snow Boots

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

Warning. Warning. Your feet are not safe. New York City has run out of winter boots. The New York Times reports that retailers like EMS, North Face, and Payless are down to the last of their snow-appropriate shoes. The relentless pummeling by Old Man Winter has provided New Yorkers with a bitterly cold case study in supply and demand. As one store manager explained to the Times, “The more snow we get, the more stuff we sell.”

Reports indicate that it’s already getting vicious out there, since “people are used to getting whatever they want in the city.” Not only that, they have very specific ideas about what they want: “Snow or not, those people can be picky,” another salesman told the Times. “New Yorkers are still very particular about color.”

So, with another storm on the way, what are we going to do? Panic? Freeze? Or, I dunno, maybe just try Zappos

Alert: New York Is Out of Snow Boots