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All the Single Ladies Are Already Planning Their Weddings

Photo: jo unruh / Getty Images

A wedding is not a bridge you cross when you get to it, nor is a wedding a cart you put behind the horse. A wedding is an imagination vacation and your own fanciful vision is the only architect of this dream scene. Anyway, nearly two-thirds of single women, according to a poll of women in the U.K., have planned out most conceivable details of their weddings.

These women have considered: flowers, dresses, and bridesmaids, as well as serious logistical stuff like the month of their future wedding and which sort of car will deliver them to whichever person or creature or straw man they’re marrying. The average age for the early birds to begin planning is 13. Ten percent of women have started saving so they can put a down payment on those trained doves.

Most of these aspiring wedding participants, however — 58 percent — said they would not share these plans with their future partner. Dream Wedding(s?) Scrapbook (volumes I–IV) is best regarded as a solitary pleasure.

All the Single Ladies: Planning Their Weddings