Beautygram: Tom Pecheux Explains Altuzarra’s Minimalist Glitter and Lipstick Eye

Photo: Imaxtree

In a season largely devoid of any color in the beauty department, beauty editors were relieved at the sight of the green-gold glitter that flecked eyelids at Altuzarra yesterday. Would Carine wear glitter? Who knows. But as Tom Pecheux, the lead makeup artist for the show explained, it was about being playful and creating a “minimalist” glitter approach. 

“This collection is very different,” Pecheux said. “[Joseph] is putting his balls on the table and reinventing himself. Looking through the collection, there were incredible, multi-colored furs. Duo, double-faced cashmere with primary colors. The collection is quite minimal but very luxurious. So at first, maybe we [thought] to do duo-cashmere and do color and play with that. And it looked so nice, so pretty. But so bloody boring, too much of the same thing. So I said, Let’s not do that. For some reason, on the table, there was some [green MAC Cosmetics] glitter. And in [Joseph’s] eyes, it showed some excitement. When people think of glitter and disco queen. No, we treat it very simply. No mascara, no contour, nothing else. Joseph and his two muses really liked it and were very excited about it. We decided to go there and do a touch of playfulness.” 

“And then I went and I grabbed a pink lipstick and went swish on top of the glitter and everyone went, I love it too. I thought it would be great to do it on a few girls. Joseph is so playful with fashion. I mean, that is the definition of fashion, to be playful, and it’s true this season more than any other season. The glitter for me is twisting it from someone very raw to minimal. The pink would be for, like, an Isabella Blow, for funny, eccentric people in the world who would like to play. It is really to add a crazy mind. Like, why not. It’s a fashion show. Maybe I will be in the top five worst makeup of the season. Who knows. But if you look at the fur, it’s just so fucking genius. It is so playful that I wanted to be there with him.”

Beautygram: Minimal Glitter at Altuzarra