Cara Delevingne Brought a Lightsaber to the Train Station

Photo: Hewitt/Parker/Splash News

As a general rule of thumb, celebrities usually make an effort to travel inconspicuously, whether it’s in sunglasses, baseball hats, a sweat suit, or some combination thereof. Others, like Cara Delevingne and her reported new roommate and fellow Knicks fan, Michelle Rodriguez, take the opposite approach, and try to make as loud an entrance as possible. Yesterday, the duo was sighted strolling through Paddington Train Station in London, waving around full-size lightsabers. Maybe they saw the fantastical weapons at the gift shop, and couldn’t resist? That would be a logical explanation, except that Delevingne’s outfit seems suspiciously well-coordinated: A pair of serious drop-crotch white linen pants and a long hooded vest paired with her signature Timberlands do give the look of a contemporary Jedi. 

Cara Delevingne Accessorized With a Lightsaber