Fug Girls: Evil Spirits and Padma Lakshmi at Naeem Khan

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

When we left our hotel Tuesday afternoon to head out to Naeem Khan, we spied Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden — in a very memorable dress from last season’s show — standing with the doorman, waiting for her (apparently missing) driver. We offered her our taxi when it arrived — she had, after all, been out there first — but she declined, very politely, and said she’d just Uber it. When we left, she was standing alone, looking very chilly indeed with bare legs and no coat and no ride.

That being said, she made the right call, because somehow she still beat us into the venue. When we staggered in, windblown and blue in the face from cursing traffic, Roden was calmly being photographed while talking to fellow ginger Debby Ryan, who has apparently tagged in for Bella Thorne in the category of Disney Stars Attending Fashion Week for Whom We Have No Pertinent Questions. We had plenty of questions for Roden — what’s the supernatural latest on Teen Wolf? How did she get up to Lincoln Center so quickly? — but they were all simultaneously answered when we walked past her and overheard her say, “Well, he has an evil spirit inside him now.”

We also spotted Naeem Khan regular Padma Lakshmi — sitting on the Friends and Family side of the venue rather than in Celebrity Row — as well as former Smallville and V actress Laura Vandervoort, who is starring in Bitten on SyFy right nowWe overheard two showgoers totally geeking out about spying her — they were as delighted and stunned as if Kristen Stewart had ridden in on a unicorn — which nicely balanced out the order of the universe for Vandervoort, since earlier someone had ID’ed her to us as “the new Real Housewife of New York.”  Hey, at least no one accused her of harboring an evil spirit. Although in some cases that might be the same thing.

Fug Girls: Evil Spirits at Naeem Khan