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A Human Genius Designed a Giant Ryan Gosling Body Pillow

Photo: ViolentDelightsBrand/Etsy.com

Hey, Girl,

Etsy proprietress Catie Noble has a question for you: Have you ever found yourself wishing you could cuddle up to Mr. Gosling every night? Amended question: Have you ever looked at your boyfriend, bang-buddy, cat, or platonic best friend and thought, Why can’t you just stop speaking, get squishier, and be Ryan Gosling? Yes? Well, if you have $74, you can make your own dreams come true with a near-life-sized, 5-foot-tall Ryan Gosling body pillow — the first of it’s kind! The Gos-Down pillow is just begging for a cold night, a jar of Nutella, and staging a one-man reenactment of The Notebook, Blue Valentine, or more appropriately, Lars and the Real Girl II.

A Genius Designed a Ryan Gosling Body Pillow