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GIF Bag: A Karlie Kloss Jell-O-Mold Updo

Clint Spaulding, the Cut’s champion GIF-maker, captured somber stomping on the Thom Browne runway, seemingly salacious chatter in the Theory front row, and a signature Anna-Wintour-is-appraising-this nod at Carolina Herrera.

Can a strut be heavy-handed? This model at Thom Browne attempts to find out.

Disaffected, disaffected, disaffected. Isn’t it funny how the more you repeat words the more they lose their meaning?

Burning at both ends, etc.

Oh, hey, seems like someone just said something really funny and a little daring in the Theory front row!

Guys, quiet down — the Carolina Herrera assembly is about to start.

And with a flash of orange and a glimpse of Jell-O-mold bun, she was gone.

Tina didn’t think it was that funny.

With this slow, terrifying nod, we dismiss you as well.

GIF Bag: A Karlie Kloss Jell-O-Mold Updo