GIF Bag: Arty Clouds and Smoky Clouds at Marc

The Cut’s fantastic GIF-documentarian, Clint Spaulding, turns his eye to the Marc Jacobs runway, front row, backstage, and rehearsal. Woodland creature colors, electric cloudscapes, and exaggerated selfies abound.

This GIF is very Godard, yes? You can practically hear pretty French chattering and some rhythmic plinking piano and sweeping violins.

Practicing for the Whac-a-Mole portion of this event. 

The ghosts of Marc Jacobs models past march through a hazy dreamland. 

Stepping out of the line of overcast clouds and judgment …

Trying to introduce a smoke cloud to the decorative clouds at the Marc Jacobs rehearsal.

Backstage at Marc Jacobs, this model says: Oh girl, you’re looking fine, if I do say so myself. 

Look how quickly I can change emotions: surprised, neutral, shocked, astounded, so chill. It’s all in the eyebrows.

Tracing a full planet’s ellipses with this iPhone. 

Under the clouded dark of night, along the moonlit path, each of these women returns to her village. And so everyone must return home after Fashion Week. Until next year, dearest companions.

GIF Bag: Arty Clouds and Smoky Clouds at Marc