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GIF Bag: It’s the Happiest GIF of Fashion Week

Clint Spaulding, the Cut’s talented GIF-creator, has documented what appear to be some of the happiest moments from this Fashion Week, on the runway as well as in the front row. Behold the animated joy of both Star Wars playfulness at Rodarte and elegance at Sophie Theallet!

Is this the happiest GIF of all Fashion Week? You need not answer: It is in fact the happiest GIF of all time. No disputes. (Bill Cunningham, front row, at Rodarte, if you would like to place this.)

Yoda’s so chill, even though someone dropped all of these light sabers on the ground.

A parade of Rodarte models.

Illusions at Rodarte! Tricky.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy just came to say hi-and-bye. Witness the Rodarte dart.

Just you keep on circling, models. André Leon Talley could slow-clap like this for days.

June Ambrose, delighted at Sophie Theallet.

With a kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss to you too, we’re out.

GIF Bag: It’s the Happiest GIF of Fashion Week