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GIF Bag: Jared Leto Leans Into Jeremy Scott’s Runway

The Cut’s skillful GIFsmith has captured the Jeremy Scott runway, documented a moment of Vogue editor glee, and tracked down the puppet-master of Fashion Week.

Jared Leto wonders if his ombre hair coordinates with those yellow pants. A little bit, right?

Do these boob adornments look like cooking ranges? Never you mind — just gaze into this skirt made of optical illusions.

Jeremy Scott’s sporty army is running really late to practice; excuse them as they march briskly.

Does this model get all the numbers?

She’s ready for the pillow fight regional championships.

Ugh, this weather is a nightmare, there aren’t any cabs, so many liiiines, everything is just too much, who are these people, says the fashion Muppet.

Anna Dello Russo thinks that you’re such a jokester! Oh, you’re too funny.

Good-bye, dear friends; so long! Farewell!

GIF Bag: Jared Leto Leans In at Jeremy Scott