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Good Luck Finding Love If You Live Here

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Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Probably yes, if you are looking where you live, and you live in a place like San Francisco, D.C., or New York. Based on data gathered from Facebook (our communal record of who is “Single” and who is “In a Relationship”) The Wall Street Journal reports that residents of San Francisco, D.C., and NYC are least likely to enter into committed relationships. (No data sets  for “It’s Complicated.”)

The 10 cities with the lowest relationship rates: San Francisco; Washington, D.C.; New York; Los Angeles; Atlanta; Miami; Boston; San Jose, CA; Seattle; and Philadelphia. The 10 cities with the highest relationship rates: Colorado Springs, El Paso, Louisville, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, Tucson, Cincinnati, and Phoenix.

Cross-referencing this with Amazon’s list of the most romantic cities in America, we see that Seattle and Miami dwellers have love in their hearts and lots of relationship books but can’t close the deal. Probably we should all move to San Antonio, TX, the most romantic city in America, and the fifth most relationship-oriented town in the U.S. of A.

Good Luck Finding Love If You Live Here