Comedian Alexis Wilkinson Just Wrote a Heartbreaking Essay on Mourning

Photo: Chris Scredon/Getty Images

Alexis Wilkinson became the buzz of the media and the toast of the town when she was elected as the first black, female president of the Harvard Lampoon. She just wrote a sad, lovely piece for xoJane about losing a friend around that time. The whole thing is worth reading, but here’s a sample:

Mornings are hard. Angela and I rarely saw each other at night, her busy with Mock Trial, Model Congress, and everything else, me always holed up in the Lampoon Castle. But sometimes I would see her in the morning. Just run into her in the bathroom as we rushed to and from class.

As I exit the shower, skin burning, I fight the urge to take her toothbrush and break it clean in half with my bare hands. 

I’m in the anger phase right now, I guess. Denial comes in and out, but the anger remains. Everything and everyone angers me. The vigils. Memorials. Stupid platitudes spouted by stupid people who didn’t even know her. Not like I did. People who only feel bad because her death reminds them that they could be next, that no one is safe. I hate it …

Angela hated when I was angry. She was very non-confrontational with me. Even when I felt slighted by her and went into a rage, I could never stay mad at her because she was the person I’d run to with all my good news and my heartaches. She was my biggest cheerleader and my best friend. 

People can write funny and people can write sad; and whoa, Alexis Wilkinson can do both things very well.

A Harvard Comedian Wrote a Heartbreaking Essay