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Here Are Those Photos of Kate Upton in Zero Gravity

Photo: James Macari

Remember when Sports Illustrated had the genius idea of putting Kate Upton and her ladies into a Zero Gravity chamber? Well, Houston, we have liftoff. Your patience for space boobs has been rewarded. The photos taken authentically at a Zero-G facility in Cape Canaveral are now available for your viewing pleasure.

As promised, here is Kate Upton with bouncy Barbarella hair and a gold string bikini starring in Boobs: A Space Odyssey. Yes. Space. Boobs. Space boobs. It’s everything you pervs have dreamed of. But pause your drooling for a moment and consider this feat of physics — not so much for the fact that in these modern times we can send a bikini model into faux-space, but rather that a small Target string bikini is so well engineered that it can withstand Upton’s free-falling D-cups.

Here Are Photos of Kate Upton in Zero Gravity