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Isabel Marant Can’t Wear Her Own Sneaker Wedges Anymore

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Depending on how you feel about the sneaker wedge, you have Isabel Marant to blame (or thank) for the most ubiquitous footwear in recent memory. But even Marant has taken all she can when it comes to the growing population of “super-ugly” wedge knockoffs out there in the world.

She tells Footwear News: “People want [the original]. I’m still selling a lot … I don’t wear them as often as I [used to] because I see too [many bad copies] in the street. I’m not saying mine are the most beautiful shoes, but they have a certain [style].”

This isn’t the first time she’s dissed the horror of “vulgar” sneaker wedge copies, but it’s sad that she seems to have finally abandoned her own sneaker-wedge baby. It’s a dream deferred for Marant, who, as a young French girl, stuck cork in her shoes, dreaming of the day a height-increasing sneaker would take over the street-style market.

If their own mother is abandoning them, is this RIP for the sneaker wedge? Maybe. But Marant already has designs for the next inexplicably popular, debatably chic shoe: the furry moccasin that can be worn sans socks, even in the winter — a guaranteed street-style hit.

Isabel Marant Can’t Wear Her Own Sneaker Wedges