June Ambrose’s Fashion Week Diary, Day 1

Photo: Bek Andersen

Throughout New York Fashion Week, author and celebrity stylist June Ambrose will document her daily wardrobe for the Cut. She said that she wanted to dress to spite the crummy weather. “Well, I think everyone’s in a somber mood because the weather is so sucky,” she said when we caught up with her this morning, “so I wanted to arrive on the scene in color. Color kind of cheers me up.”

Here is her first ensemble:

Coat: Alberta Ferretti. “Short sleeves, unfortunately.”

Sweater: Moschino. “A girly Moschino sweater … I wanted to feel girly and fun. I didn’t want today to be so serious. Some of the shows I’m attending are really fun — I’m starting my morning off with BCBG, so I thought a pop of color on the scene for the first day at Lincoln Center was going to be the way I wanted to arrive.”

Wedges: Marc Jacobs. “I’m going very retro today with this mod approach to Siberia-like weather.”

Bag: Hermès Birkin.

Wrist: Hermès, Cartier, David Yurman Cuff.

Pinkie Ring: Jennifer Fisher.

Hat: Eric Javits.

Leggings: Chanel Thigh-Highs. “These are the Chanel leggings that come with my Chanel boots that I’ll probably wear — you know, the ones with the chains. But I use the leggings whenever I want, because that’s what they’re for.”

Slip: Isabel Marant for H&M. “I have a slip underneath here, because it’s chilly, but no one will see that — that’s for me — but this is an Isabel Marant slip for H&M, [laughter] so I’m mixing high and low.”

June Ambrose’s Fashion Week Diary, Day 1