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Lily Allen Wore a Bedazzled Sweatsuit to London Fashion Week

Photo: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

Yesterday at the Ashish show in London, Lily Allen followed the common rule of thumb for dressing comfy but not frumpy and accessorized her heather-gray sweatsuit with a mini designer handbag. Of course, as proof that she’s actually a celebrity and not just a mall rat, Allen opted for not one but three matching Chanel purses, in yellow, black, and green, and finished off her look with a pair of dangerously high black stilettos. On closer inspection, her gray sweatpants — which had an ombré, bedazzled effect going on near the cuffs, appeared to be made from a more crinkly, iridescent fabric than Hanes cotton — so it’s possible they’re not quite as comfortable as they look. 

Lily Allen Wore a Gray Sweatsuit to Fashion Week