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Lupita Nyong’o Had 2 Hair Mountains on Saturday

Photo: Getty Images

This weekend, Lupita Nyong’o  showed up at the NAACP Image Awards with twin peaks of hair on her head, which were separated by an extreme part. They stood out from the short-cropped hair on the sides — an extreme departure from the comparatively simple styles she’s been wearing so far during awards season. Paired with her peach-colored makeup and long earrings, it was a completely lovely look — but somehow also reminiscent of  Miley Cyrus’s complicated double-bun situation, Minnie Mouse, and maybe Mugatu. What does it all mean? Well, for starters, that — like when she puts on anything — Nyong’o can wear whatever she wants on her head and pull it off .

Lupita Nyong’o Had Hair Mountains on Saturday