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Male Gaze: Sam Page, House of Cards Cutie and Published Scientist

Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

It’s a testament to Sam Page’s prepster appeal that he was cast to believably charm the iciest person on House of Cards. And, a House of Cards bonus, he’s a character for whom you can feel a small amount of empathy, because he’s not a quietly rampaging sociopathic beast. (Before his press-liaison role on House of Cards, he did play a garbage monster as Joan’s husband in Mad Men.) Naturally, in the fifth episode, Kevin Spacey throws him into the president’s private wood chipper and blames it on the Swiss Ambassador. Chill, that didn’t happen — no spoilers in Male Gaze, not now, not ever.

In addition to his skill at acting as a charming, handsome man, Page is also an accomplished intellectual; his senior thesis at Princeton — about the mating habits of female mosquitofish — was even published in a scientific journal. Great eyebrows, easy smile, swoopy hair. Shall we call him the Montgomery Clift of our time?

Male Gaze: House of Cards Cutie Slash Scientist