Milan Street Style, Day 2: Pink Hair and Fendi Clutches

Photo: YoungJun Koo/I'M KOO

If the crowd in Milan were dressing to convey a mood, today’s would unanimously be enthusiasm for spring. On Friday, the streets exploded with pops of color: Blogger Marianne Theodorsen matched her Easter-egg-pink hair to her handbag, Eva Chen chose a neon-green sweatshirt with an Altuzarra zipper skirt, and Giovanna Battaglia put a red military jacket over her Hawaiian-print dress.

Creative accessories also abounded:’s fashion director, Leila Yavari, paired black doily socks with studded Fendi sandals, blogger Valentina Siragusa wore a Fendi bug bag with floral shorts, and stylist Natasha Goldenberg threw a Prada striped-fur shawl over one shoulder and called it a day. Click through the slideshow below to see highlights from today’s street-style set, as captured by the Cut’s YoungJun Koo.

Milan Street Style, Day 2: Pink Hair and Fendi