she's just being miley

Miley Cyrus Says Your Clothes Are Boring

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Truth-telling whippersnapper Miley Cyrus is going to just say what everyone has been meaning to tell you forever except it was never quite the right time and then you had all those bad days in a row and it seemed too mean … Anyway, she sympathizes, but she’s just going to drop some real talk on you real quick: Your clothes are boring.

But it’s not just you, you darling, frumpy bore, it’s all y’all:

I like to experiment. I like to try new things. I don’t understand what most girls are wearing today … I find it boring. Why don’t younger children try to be more risque. I like it when you find a style that can be your own personal style.

Just make an effort, would you? For Cyrus’s sake.

Miley Cyrus Says Your Clothes Are Boring