Miu Miu Party Pics: Solange Knowles, Anna Kendrick, and More Talk Moms and Fashion Rules

Photo: Angela Pham/BFAnyc.com

We’re still a little fuzzy on the finer plot details of Spark and Light, the seventh edition of the Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales series, which the brand screened last night at the Diamond Horseshoe. But we do know that So Yong Kim directed the short, which starred a wavy, copper-haired Riley Keough, and pivoted around her character’s relationship with her mother. So we asked the crowd — a Miu Miu–clad mix of Americans and Europeans — whether their mothers imposed any sartorial rules on them when they were little.

“My mom did a great job of not giving me rules, even though I should have probably had them,” Solange Knowles told the Cut. “For an entire two years of my life, I wore a tutu and tap shoes. My mom was all about letting me express my creativity. It annoyed a lot of people. But once I got a little older, she instilled a rule in all of us: If you’re going to wear your legs out, cover your arms. If you’re going to wear out your chest out, cover your legs. So that’s one that really stuck — but that was my teenage years. As a child, I went to church with the tap shoes on. I went everywhere with tap shoes.” And look how well Solange turned out!

Click through our slideshow to find out who else’s mom encouraged expression, whose couldn’t make her wear underwear, and who had to sneak tank tops.

Solange Wore Tap Shoes to Church As a Kid