Fug Girls: Natasha Lyonne Ruminates at Christian Siriano

Photo: Desiree Navarro/Getty

It was nearly impossible not to make a hacky “Winter Is Coming” joke when we walked past Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams at Christian Siriano’s show on Saturday afternoon, and overheard her waxing poetic about snow. “It’s so beautiful,” she gushed. A Stark spawn would say that. But then she started chatting about Topshop, which is the antithesis of what her character Arya would talk about, given that she is more interested in sword-fighting than shopping. Although if she hit the right sample sales, she might find a fulfilling way to combine those two things.

The very petite Williams, in a prim, ice-blue blouse and matching satin skirt that echoed the ladylike vibe of the collection itself, was there with her co-star Sophie Turner, who was draped in olive and sporting the kind of silken red tresses that make us want to sneak up behind her with a pair of scissors and get ourselves some wig clippings. The girls kept losing track of each other, so it was handy that event organizers hurried them to adjacent seats moments before the show began. They were near actress Clea DuVall (American Horror Story: Asylum, and a whole pantload of other things), who had on a black dress with a cape-like addition that suggests we have not seen the last of superhero couture; Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant, who looked totally tickled to be there and posed for a bunch of lively pictures with Siriano’s fiancé Brad Smith; and Lydia Hearst, who seemed very cheery despite the fact that she was wearing shorts that appeared to be giving her a wedgie. Fortunately the show she’s joining is called The Face, and thus presumably won’t worry itself with what her pants are doing.

But the most entertaining attendee was Natasha Lyonne, most recently of Orange Is the New Black, who is the first person we’ve ever seen run the Fashion Week gauntlet of predictable questions by giving actual interesting answers. When someone invariably is asked what they love about a particular designer’s clothes, the person usually replies, “Because he [or she] really knows how to design for a woman’s body,” presumably because it’s an easy non-answer that doesn’t require anyone to remember which designer they’re actually discussing. But we saw Lyonne actually think about it for a second and then offer up a way spicier version: “I don’t want to starve myself and have no hips and no tits,” we heard her say to the reporter. “So it was rewarding to go in [to see Siriano] and see a bunch of things that fit and looked good on me. It made me feel good, like, Okay, there’s nothing wrong with me for not being the shape of a 13-year old boy. It’s a sign of a good designer when they can find a place to put your boobs.” When asked about her least favorite trends, she told someone, “I’m not into homogeny. Assembly-line dressing. I have no idea why everyone looking the same is a thing. Like, they starve themselves and stuff themselves into tight things and spray themselves, and they look like something out of a horror movie from the future.” But our very favorite response was the one she gave when someone wondered why she thinks fashion is important: “Well, I don’t want to be in a shitty outfit,” she said. “I want to be in a good outfit. That’s why fashion is important.”

Natasha Lyonne Ruminates at Christian Siriano