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Norwegian Curling Team Has Fancy-Pants Crisis

Photo: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images

At the outset of the Sochi Olympics, the light of victory shone bright upon the Norwegian curling team and their many pairs of custom fancy pants. The rules of the Brotherhood of the Lucky Fancy Pants were simple: The team brought nine different pairs, one for each round of their curling matches. They would wear a different pair every time, always together. And of course, the number one rule: Win.

Unfortunately, fate handed them a cruel ending. The team was forced into an unexpected tiebreaker round — a 10th round, for which they had no new pants. Rather than ask Johnny Weir to spot them some leather leggings, the team chose to repeat a pair of graffiti-style trousers that were all out of good-luck magic and lost the match to boring-pants Great Britain.

While Kate Middleton is impervious to the curse of a repeat outfit, let this be a lesson to all of us whose luck and dreams of Olympic glory depend upon our famous pants: Always bring an extra pair.

Norwegian Curling Team Has Fancy-Pants Crisis