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Paris Hilton Might Have Overexaggerated Her D.J. Skills


In December, Paris Hilton boldly declared that she was one of the “top five D.J.s” in the world — at least when it comes to payment, not talent. Surprisingly, in an interview in this month’s V Magazine, Hilton has softened her language a bit: “I don’t consider myself a DJ. I am a businesswoman, and this is just a small part of what I do. I love music and I love partying, so it’s a fun job for me,” she said.

While she might not be Steve Aoki–level, she’s doing just fine collaborating with her “friends Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, and Snoop Dogg.” She’s getting paid “a lot of  money” and all for the better of “her music, her sets, and herself.” Also, she owns more than 500 pairs of Chanel fingerless gloves that she calls her “DJ gloves,” which is a qualification if we’ve ever heard one.

Paris May Have Overexaggerated Her D.J. Skills