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Rashida Jones Carries a Photo of Herself As Chubby Teen to Remember

Photo: Mark Davis/Getty Images

Pretty, smart, successful-person Rashida Jones has a confession for us: She was a “chubby nerd” in high school.

Yes, and Blake Lively has never been on a date, and each beautiful swan of an actress had a real ugly-duckling period. This sounds like a typically unbelievable celebrity confession — BUT Jones’s use of realistic details (about her elaborate sandwich regimen) takes this story from dubiously humanizing to convincing. In fact, Jones keeps a photo of herself as a rotund geek in her phone and tells Hadley Freeman from the Guardian:

Every time I look at a photo of myself as a teenager, I think, this is who I feel like … There I am. So uncomfortable, so sad, so much food … 

Since this challenging time, Jones has blossomed into a confident rose (albeit one still preoccupied with the overt boldness of other women). It seems like these especially formative teen years still inform Jones’s skeptical view of Hollywood aesthetics. She disparages the “L.A. Barbie doll” type (who dominate the private club where the interview takes place), echoing her previous criticism of the overtly sexy starlet set.

“I don’t like to dress to tell people that they want to have sex with me,” she explains to Freeman — which seems less like she’s describing lots of cleavage, and more like a provocative fashion hypnosis, but you definitely know the type of freakum dress ensemble that she’s talking about. 

Rashida Jones Never Forgets Her Sad, Nerdy Years