Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne Bond Over Old Presidents

Photo: taylorswift/Instagram

It was only a matter of time before “It” girl friend-collector Taylor Swift forged a friendship with model goof-master Cara Delevingne. And as is her way, Swift cemented their new relationship through Instagram. (Previously, Swift had posted a cool group video in which she, Delevingne, and singer Ed Sheeran participate in a sensitive jam-session at the U.S. ambassador’s residence.) For the big Instagram moment, however, Swift and Delevingne offered a strange, fascinating portrait of a budding friendship.

The pair pose stiffly in front of a portrait of George Washington. “Just trying to be like George Washington,” Swift writes. Yes, nothing like a shared idol to bond two pals. It’s rare to find another soul who shares your love of a fox-hunting, bad-teeth-having, cherry tree enigma-making, “energetic and excellent” dancer. The glue that bonds a friendship. You like George Washington!? I love George Washington. That’s amazing, I feel like no one has barely even heard of him anymore. I know — it’s like … he’s so underrated — his early stuff? YES! Totally. Ah. This is so great. I mean, yeah. It’s just so cool you like him.

Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne Are Now Friends