Teens Think Valentine’s Day Is Lame, Loser

Photo: Shutterstock

As a traditional holiday such as Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s a great time to check in with the teens of America and see if they approve of this time-honored celebration invented by their long-ago ancestors. In our modern time, do these most contemporary of humans still support Valentine’s Day? No, they do not.

Valentine’s Day did not fare well in their fickle and influential hearts. It has gone the way of: Abercrombie, full butt coverage, stores marketed toward them, malls of America, teenage introspection, and fashion generally.

We Heart It, a new and exceedingly popular social network with the teen set, polled nearly 25,000 young adults age 13 to 24 about their feelings on Valentine’s Day. They found that most teens (66 percent of girls, 50 percent of boys) don’t “buy into” Valentine’s Day and believe that it’s “over-rated, disappointing, painful, old-fashioned, and lame.” These are super-classic teen insults. You’re over, Valentine’s Day. C-YA.

Don’t you remember that the teen’s favorite romantic holiday is Thanksgiving? Or are you so old your short-term memory has died, you ancient flip-phone of a person?

Teens Think Valentine’s Day Is Lame, Loser