london fashion week fall 2014

There Was a Fred Astaire–Like Dance Number at the Anya Hindmarch Show

Photo: Imaxtree

LONDON — Anya Hindmarch’s show is always held on the last day of London Fashion Week, when much of the fashion press is already on a plane to Milan — but, over the last few seasons, it’s built a reputation as one show no one wants to miss. After last season’s space-themed extravaganza, in which Hindmarch’s bags and models floated off the runway on wires, the turnout for today’s show was bigger than ever.

The fall collection’s theme is “finding the beauty in the banal.” With bags designed to look like Kellogg’s cereal or washing-powder boxes, Hindmarch contrasted the kitsch, graphic logos with high-end materials and craftsmanship. The show, then, was an homage to supermarket life. The styling had a retro Stepford Wives feel, and conveyor belts circled the runway, where male and female models posed with trolleys and baskets like they were waiting at a very glamorous checkout.

By the end, it had morphed from a fashion show into an impressive Fred Astaire–style dance number, with men in suits hopping from one conveyor belt to the next. Watch the video below:

There Was Fred Astaire-Dancing at Anya Hindmarch