Chocolate Milk Is the Diet Secret of the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team

Photo: Fuse/Getty Images

Tonight the U.S. Women’s Hockey team battles Canada for gold, and they stand just one game away from a medal. Their road to gold has been paved with ice, determination, hard work … and chocolate milk. In an interview with, Alicia Kendig, sports dietitian for the U.S. Olympic Committee, says that while she has counseled the women’s hockey team to eat lean proteins, greens, and beans, she’s also been plying them with your favorite childhood drink.

“For recovery, you need the combination of protein and sugar,” says Kendig. “As soon as they see it, they want to drink it.” Apparently she has chocolate milk ready for the athletes as soon as they come off the ice — presumably like a soccer mom, with the straws already in the cartons. So chocolate (milk) not only heals all wounds, but the sore muscles of Olympians as well. Who’s ready for the chocolate-milk diet?

U.S. Ladies’ Hockey Is on a Chocolate-Milk Diet