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Watch: Lisa Eldridge Explains CC Creams to Sophie Dahl

Still not sure what a CC cream does? Well, don’t let the C stand for confused. Lisa Eldridge, a YouTube makeup guru (her videos have garnered over 50 million views) and professional makeup artist who has worked with Keira Knightley and Cindy Crawford, has just released a new makeup tutorial with Sophie Dahl. Eldridge combines expert tips with a chipper you-can-do-it manner to show the sleep-deprived (allegedly; she still looks beautiful) Dahl how to create a fresh-faced, well-rested look. The video coincides with the launch of Dahl’s new lifestyle site, which, although it will draw inevitable comparisons to GOOP, counts food recipes like a delicious chocolate Guinness cake (mmm) among its central principles. Watch Eldridge use a drugstore CC cream, demystify alphabet beauty, and create a “Disney me” face on Dahl.

Watch: Lisa Eldridge Explains What a CC Cream Is