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Zen and the Art of Justin Bieber Yoga

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage, Shutterstock

A “shameless” Justin Bieber fan named Roseanne McCollum has combined her love of permanently prepubescent pop-punks with her love of holistic, soul-cleansing fitness activities. She’s created a new variety of yoga to rival Bikram or Vinyasa. It is called Yogabiebs.

McCollum will give students the chance to move through their flow to the “sweet vocals and hip beats of Justin Bieber.” And if disciples are worried that the class’s purity is polluted by press-mongering, McCollum assures would-be students that her project “has nothing to do with him in the overly sensationalized tabloid press.” Her love is true: She even has a tattoo of Bieber’s hands forming a heart on her shoulder.

The first-ever Yogabiebs class is tomorrow and will be filmed by MTV Canada.

Zen and the Art of Justin Bieber Yoga