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10 Improvements on Ellen’s Oscar Selfie

Photo: AMCTheatres/twitter

Last night, Oscar emcee Ellen DeGeneres took the most celeb-packed and retweeted selfie in the long history of the selfie. As mind-numbingly ubiquitous as the action has become, the bit gave the people of the internet the opportunity to make a bunch of memes that were more entertaining than the original. We thought Jared Leto would be enough of an improvement, but then someone added Drake and Grumpy Cat:

Photo: TheEllenShowtwitter

The original moment.

Photo: Yahoo Movies/twitter


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Photo: Pharrell’s Hat/twitter

Pharrell Hat.

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Photo: reddit

Rob Fords.

Photo: ComplexMag/twitter

Kevin Spaceys.

Photo: RealGrumpyCat/twitter

Grumpy Cat.

10 Improvements on Ellen’s Oscar Selfie