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A Bunch of Women Are Funding This Dude’s Michelangelo-Themed Plastic Surgery

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In a year, a 20-year-old Japanese man has spent $150,000 on his quest to look like Michelangelo’s David. He’s gotten two nose jobs plus chin injections, and he receives an I.V. drip of supplements from a plastic surgeon every morning. If you think this is a waste of his money, hold your judgment, because it’s not his money! He has (small-)crowd-funded these procedures with the generous help of “around five” women.

He says he doesn’t sleep with the women, because if he does “the money flow will stop as that companion will be satisfied.”

The women are paying to look upon a face that increasingly looks slightly like the David. No word about work toward achieving statuesque buns.

5 Women Funding This 1 Dude’s Plastic Surgery