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Famous People Who Don’t Get Themselves on BuzzFeed Quizzes

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It must be very trippy to be a celebrity and take a BuzzFeed quiz in which you yourself (or the character you’re best known for playing) are a possible result. While the quiz is a trivial distraction for us civilians, for the celebrity, it becomes an existential exercise. Are you a sham? Are you who you think you are? Are you who other people think you are? Is every person’s identity just a lonely signifier bumping around into other lonely signifiers?

Here are a bunch of famous people who received thought-provoking answers to their BuzzFeed soul seeking:

- Ellen DeGeneres took BuzzFeed’s Which Queen of Comedy Are You? quiz. She got Chelsea Handler.

- Lena Dunham took BuzzFeed’s Which Character from Girls Are You? quiz. She was Marnie. This prompted her to “guess the apocalypse is coming.”

- Kim Gordon and Shirley Manson took BuzzFeed’s Which ‘90s Alt-Rock Riot Grrrl Are You? quiz. Kim Gordon got Tori Amos. Shirley Manson did not get herself.

- Present-day Kylie Minogue took BuzzFeed’s Which Kylie Minogue Are You? quiz. She got herself in the show Neighbors.

- Sarah Michelle Gellar took BuzzFeed’s Which Joss Whedon Character Are You? quiz. She was not Buffy, but rather River Tam from Firefly.

- Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel took BuzzFeed’s Which Boy Meets World Character Are You? quiz. Ben Savage got Topanga and Danielle Fishel got Feeny.

I’m sure there’s some sort of testing panic at work here, like when you’re told to be yourself in an interview or look normal for a photograph. One minute you’re holding your hand on your lower rib cage and affirming that tulips are your favorite flower and that you really prefer ranch houses to brownstones and suddenly BuzzFeed is telling you to move to Tucson and that you’re Log Lady from Twin Peaks.

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