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The Definitive List of Things That Teenagers on Reddit Think Are Cool

Man. Kids today, huh? With the Snapchat and the Bieber, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the changing interests of teens — especially if you’re an Old with a keen interest in youth culture.

To help, Reddit asked its teenage users, “What’s cool?” Read their responses below, so you can become culturally fluent enough to infiltrate a high school as an undercover cop and totally fit in with the cool kids:

• “Touching the booty”

• Stick-and-poke tattoos

• Having strong eyebrow game

• Bindis as a fashion statement

• Weed and acid

• A nose ring (“lip piercings are ‘emo’ and eyebrow piercings are wannabe surfer”)

• Snapchat

• Being smart and nerdy

• Macklemore

• Vines

• Vineyard Vines

• Vaporizers

• Wearing your cell phone around your neck

• Hawaiian shirts


• Lots of dating

• Abercrombie/Hollister

Bindis? EDM? Vineyard Vines? Time to worry about the youth.

The Definitive List of Things That Are Cool