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The Definitive List of Things That Teenagers on Reddit Think Are Cool

Photo: FPG/Getty Images

Man. Kids today, huh? With the Snapchat and the Bieber, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the changing interests of teens — especially if you’re an Old with a keen interest in youth culture.

To help, Reddit asked its teenage users, “What’s cool?” Read their responses below, so you can become culturally fluent enough to infiltrate a high school as an undercover cop and totally fit in with the cool kids:

• “Touching the booty”

• Stick-and-poke tattoos

• Having strong eyebrow game

• Bindis as a fashion statement

• Weed and acid

• A nose ring (“lip piercings are ‘emo’ and eyebrow piercings are wannabe surfer”)

• Snapchat

• Being smart and nerdy

• Macklemore

• Vines

• Vineyard Vines

• Vaporizers

• Wearing your cell phone around your neck

• Hawaiian shirts


• Lots of dating

• Abercrombie/Hollister

Bindis? EDM? Vineyard Vines? Time to worry about the youth.

The Definitive List of Things That Are Cool