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‘Famous’ Woman Steals 22 Spangly Leotards

Photo: Getty Images

In Japanese culture there exists a class of celebrity called tarento, the members of which are famous for being famous and just appear on TV sometimes. Twenty-two-year-old Misaki Hashigawa is a “self-proclaimed tarento,” according to Sankei News — kind of like a present-day Kim Kardashian, except nobody in Japan can remember seeing her on any fun game shows or anything.

Anyway, Hashigawa learned the hard way that financial stability is elusive when you’re famous (or not famous) for not doing anything, and so she resorted to stealing 22 spangly specialty leotards — one for every year of her life — and reselling them online to pay her living expenses, reports Kotaku.

Turns out stardom is only 22 sparkly leotards away, fellow fame-seekers. Hashigawa will forever be known as the girl who is famous for being not famous enough to be famous for being famous, and then stole a bunch of high-end leotards.

‘Famous’ Woman Steals 22 Spangly Leotards