Fug Girls: The Best, Worst, and Most Diva-ish Looks From the Oscars


The rain politely RSVP’d “no” to Hollywood’s parade this year, keeping the Academy Awards from being the H2Oscars, against the wishes of our snarky little souls. But the upside to a lack of weather drama is that we can focus on the clothes and not the umbrellas (or the pour souls hired to wrangle them). The red carpet brought some surprisingly tame outfits on celebs we can usually count on to be adventurous, but it also gave us moments of quiet glamour. They’re all in our traditional list of superlatives — alongside one pair of shorts. Join us as we highlight the standout moments or, in Liza Minnelli’s case, the moment of standout highlights.

Fug Girls: The Best & Worst Looks at the Oscars