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Here’s a Satisfactory Video Featuring All of Beyoncé’s Tour Outfits

Here is the exposé you were waiting for: a short nonfiction film detailing a backstage glance at Beyoncé’s outfits for her ongoing tour. According to the interviewed experts (stylists, designers), all of the outfits are already “famous” outfits or bold, new trendsetter outfits. For in Beyoncé’s universe, things exist for mere infinitesimal instants before completing their transition from new to iconic.

Everything is spangly and dance-friendly, with a very short-shorts, long-jacket vibe. Lots of crystals and panache and interesting leathers.

One particularly interesting leather — a cobra skin, created by “rare-skin specialist” designer Rubin Singer — was detained by European customs for a dramatic period of time, as Beyoncé’s stylists rushed to fill out some paperwork, just fast enough for the cobra jumpsuit to make it for Beyoncé’s showtime! I would watch that movie! Would you?

Here’s a Video of All Beyoncé’s Tour Outfits