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Hot Shot: Hannelore Knuts Returns to Model Surrealist Jewelry for Aesa

Here’s a special Friday treat for those of you who remember Belgian beauty Hannelore Knuts from her days as a superstar model in the early 2000s. Knuts ushered in the “Belgium wave” of models in the aughts, and has the rare claim of gracing the cover of Vogue Italia three issues in a row (April, May, and June of 2001).

Here’s two examples. Ahhhmazing.

Working with photographer Chadwick Tyler and stylist Michelle Cameron, Aesa jewelry-designer Randi Mates made a series of black-and-white images to celebrate her spring 2014 collection, Optical Suns. We approve of all of these choices.

Hot Shot: Model Hannelore Knuts Returns