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Iris van Herpen Shrink-wrapped Models in Her Show


Delightfully weird Dutch Designer Iris van Herpen, who has dabbled in plastic clothing and 3-D-printed collections, is always thinking about the future of fashion. As revealed by her Paris showing, Herpen’s most recent idea of the future is one where models are vacuum-packed in giant clear plastic bags like quarantined aliens.

Logical questions arose on Instagram, such as: How can they breathe? (There are some tubes, presumably for air.) Is it comfortable? (Imagine a sandwich that’s been left in a Ziploc bag for too long.) While it may seem like cruel and unusual punishment to ask anyone to be hermetically enclosed for the sake of fashion, consider the anti-aging benefits. If vacuum-packing keeps wedding dresses from yellowing, it probably works on models, too.

Iris van Herpen Shrink-wrapped Models in Show