oh she's just being miley

It’s Just Miley, Making Out With Her Fans on Her Bangerz Tour

Photo: Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus is going hot and heavy on her Bangerz tour — not just with vocal styling and choreographed gyrating — but with actual, for real making out. Mostly during “Adore,” Miley has made a bit of a habit of an M.O. sesh. The first was an impromptu prom date with Matt Peterson. The second, a Katy Perry kiss. Most recently, an enthusiastic blonde devotee. The latest video shows Miley leaning really far off the stage to accommodate closeness. (She even had to wipe her mouth of the excess fan-spittle.) If any star can be expected to literally put her mouth where her mouth is and kiss on her disciples, it’d be Miley, yes?

It’s Just Miley, Making Out With Her Fans