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Is Kate Middleton’s School a Hotbed of Wives for the Rich and Famous?

Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

A special report from British newspaper The Telegraph wants to take everyone’s focus away from the purported “old boys’ clubs.” They want you to look at the VIP wives club. A collection of very important wives all went to this one, small, moneyed school called Marlborough College. Isn’t that curious?

For here, the brightest and best are listed remarkably often next to the words “wife of”… Most famous, of course, is the Duchess of Cambridge, “wife of” our future king. But see also, Samantha Cameron, “wife of” the Prime Minister. Frances Osborne, “wife of” the Chancellor. Sally Bercow, “wife of” the Speaker. Diana Fox, “wife of” the Governor of the Bank of England.

These “alpha consorts,” these “pillow-talkers to the great and good” aren’t just suitable partners for politicians! They have range, according to The Telegraph. They have also won the hands of important titans of technology and entertainment: Harvey’s Weinstein’s wife, Georgina Chapman, and Google founder Sergey Brin’s girlfriend, Amanda Rosenberg, both went to Marlborough. And have perhaps even enjoyed professional success in their own right!

Master of Marlborough Jonathan Leigh says, “It is a unique situation of which we’re quietly proud — a rather happy coalescence has led to this group of able and powerful, supportive women.”

But why? How did this school become the hothouse for wives, suitable for rich, famous, successful men? Well, sources say that because Marlborough is a co-ed school, its alumnae are confident around men (i.e., they’re not weird around boys). Aha!

Kate Middleton’s School: Hotbed of VIP Wives?