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Kendall Jenner Walked in the Givenchy Show Today


Kendall Jenner walked in the Marc Jacobs show last month and in the Giles show in London; she appeared to have exchanged pleasantries with Anna Wintour and posed for a “spontaneous” selfie-photo shoot on Vogue’s Instagram account.

Now — in a move we really should have seen coming — Kim Kardashian’s blood relative walked in the Givenchy show today in Paris. She was the penultimate model on Riccardo Tisci’s runway, wearing a snakeskin sleeveless shirt, and a long, sheer, black skirt with boy shorts underneath. (Kanye was there to see it but Kim stayed home to watch the livestream). And, although people have speculated that Kendall is stealing her older sister’s thunder, there is clearly nothing to worry about because Kim is being super super supportive on Instagram. “Best part was my baby watching & cheering on my baby sister!!! So sad I missed it! #Family #Givenchy”