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Kit Harington Seems Kind of Bitter About Hair

Photo: Paola Kudacki/GQ

While Jared Leto is off lovingly giving his ombré locks 1,000 strokes before bed, his fellow long-haired actor Kit Harington doesn’t really have the same relationship with his man-mane. To embody the role of Jon Snow, Harington— who at one point wasn’t even sure he could grow a beard — is under contractual obligation to remain long-haired and bearded while Game of Thrones films.

In an interview with GQ Harington reveals that he has received an “uncomfortable amount of the attention” for his hair. When he’s not on set, he prefers to pull his hair back: “I just hate it in my face. It just starts pissing you off after a while.” Harington says he doesn’t want “flowing locks” (you know nothing, Jon Snow!) and prefers to forgo shampoo: “I like it to look greasy and medieval so it gets very tangled. By the end it’s pretty horrible.”

Somewhere, Leto weeps.

Kit Harington Seems Kind of Bitter About Hair