Lindsay Lohan Butt-Dials Oprah

Photo: NBC/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan and Oprah Winfrey are working to shape footage of LiLo’s life into a hard-hitting documentary series. Because they are colleagues, they communicate via phone. As you may imagine, giving your number to LiLo has super-fun and madcap unintended consequences.

Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Lohan says she butt-dials Oprah. This is believable because does the butt ever dial people it would be no-big-deal to butt-dial? No, the butt somehow finds the number of your boss, or someone you regret flirting with, or the person listed as Oprah, so it can play them the dulcet swish, swish, swish sound of a pocket as you walk. This is also not believable, because wouldn’t you be tempted to call Oprah 24/7 if you had her number and then realize you had nothing to say?

Anyway, in more madcap phone hilarity, LiLo also mentions that she lets Oprah go straight to voice mail so she can collect Oprah voice mails.

Lindsay Lohan Butt-Dials Oprah