Here’s a List of People Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Had Sex With

Photo: In Touch

Like Karen Owen and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. before her, Lindsay Lohan has made a fuck list. In Touch claims to have obtained the list of celebrity conquests after Lohan made it for friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel and tossed it aside. The list, which appears to be written on a pad from the board game Scattergories, includes Joaquin Phoenix, Justin Timberlake, Heath Ledger, and James Franco, as well as a bunch of blurred-out names. (Future In Touch scoops, total randos, or more litigious celebs?)

But is it real? Well, the handwriting checks out. And, in Lohan’s defense, playing word games until they devolved into pure gossip is probably what I would do if I were a newly sober celebrity hanging out in a hotel bar. Good, clean fun!

A List of People Lohan Allegedly Had Sex With