Martha Stewart Still Considers Herself a Model

Photo: marthastewart/

After Clean Person Jolie Kerr entitled her millennial-centric instruction manual My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag and Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha, Martha Stewart felt the time had come to let everyone ask her everything. The straight-shooting delight set up a Reddit AMA. She gives everyone so much information! She does paint the back of her Louboutins black, because she doesn’t like the red. She does change her sheets every single day. Ana Gasteyer is her preferred Martha Stewart impersonator.

She also corrected some misunderstandings. When someone asked why she gave up her modeling career, she answered:

I’ve modeled from the time I was 13, and I don’t think I’ve given it up. I pose for pictures every day!

I would assume that Stewart is not one to think of herself as ever having given up on anything. Also, just in case you want to know — and you do, I promise you — here is what she thinks about truffle oil, Snoop Dogg, and freezing cottage cheese, in that order:

I think truffle oil is one of the few ingredients that doesn’t belong in anyone’s kitchen. It is ruinous of most recipes.

I wish I were closer friends with Snoop Dogg.

Never tried. Why would you?

Truly, the entire thing is worth eating up. No bloviating with Martha.

Martha Stewart Still Considers Herself a Model