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Naomi Campbell Talked Elegantly About Kegels

Photo: Jenny Anderson/WireImage

“Straight-up Gemini” Naomi Campbell isn’t known for mincing words, but at a recent appearance at 105.1 FM to promote season two of The Face, she got a little bashful. After throwing her a few questions about her fitness routine (she does yoga and pilates now, even though, in her words: “for many, many years, I did nothing”), the radio hosts tried to naturally segue way the conversation to her pelvic floor.  As one creepily does, when meeting a supermodel for the very first time.

Radio Host: You do Kegels?
Naomi Campbell: What’s Kegels?

Radio Host: It’s when your vagina … [Holds up fist and slowly clenches it.]

Naomi Campbell: Oh my God, you’re going there so early in the morning! Well, you know what, I would call that more Kama Sutra, wouldn’t you? It’s sounds like a much more elegant way to say it.

Sounds like someone needs a body lesson from Cameron Diaz.

Naomi Campbell Talked Elegantly About Kegels