Obsessive Tester: Trying the New Pre-Wash Hair Treatments

Photo: Gjon Mili/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

If “lather, rinse, repeat” are already too many steps for you, this new development in hair care might pose a problem: A slew of new products have been popping up in the “pre-wash treatment” category. Hair brands have been following in the steps of skin care for a while now, adding more specialized products (like hair BB creams) and multi-step systems to address individual needs. The pre-wash treatment seems to be a continuation of that trend. 

As the name suggests, you’re supposed to use these products before you wash your hair, but you can’t lump them all into one category. Some are anti-aging, some are moisturizing, and one is a primer. The Cut tried five of them. Click through the slideshow below for our thoughts.

Obsessive Tester: 5 Pre-Wash Hair Treatments