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Pam Anderson Has Learned to Embrace Having Sex in a Pixie Cut

Photo: Dan Martenson/Elle Magazine

When Pamela Anderson chopped off her legendary babe hair, it was clear that the chic mom-cut signaled a renaissance of sorts. This month, the new Pam Anderson is out in full force.

After landing a plum role in Werner Herzog’s adaptation of Vernon God Little, the actress continues to shed her Baywatch, Tommy Lee legacy with a lengthy profile in Elle and a steamy, high-concept spread in Purple Fashion.

In the April issue of Elle, Pam poses demurely in an A-line skirt and lady pumps, and talks about how she’s learned to embrace having sex in a pixie cut: “I thought it would be weird having sex with short hair, but then I kind of got into the mode.”

In Purple, the 46-year-old strips down for a classy, burlesque-themed shoot, proving that she’s maintained all of her sex appeal without her signative sexy hairstyle.

Photo: Purple Magazine

Demure-ish in Elle, XXX in Purple: Anderson is a renaissance woman indeed.

Pam Anderson on Having Sex in a Pixie Cut